Blooming Kids

I have been a registered childcare provider for almost 10 years and an unregistered mother of one for 23. I wanted to start this blog for a few reasons, first but not foremost I want to prove to myself that I can master some form of communication technology. If I’m unable to ‘master’ I would at least like to post something once a week!. I used to be quite good when desktop PCs, the internet and I were in infancy but now things have evolved (much!) and my skills have not. Working from home as a childminder has certainly not helped in this respect as crafts, music (I use music in the loosest sense of the term), nature walks and baking with the under 5’s doesn’t usually require anything more than a quick google and print out and possibly an online order for supplies.  Less selfish reasons are that I would like to share ideas, tips, tricks, articles, activities and experiences that I think will help us help children to grow, develop and blossom.